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Emma Berry Murray River Mysteries.

Saddled with Death_Final (002)SADDLED WITH DEATH – series prequel

Emma is staying with her neighbours, the Macdonalds, when a visiting relative is murdered. George Macdonald is the prime suspect, and his terminally ill wife asks Emma to find out who among the visitors and family members is the killer, but who, apart from her husband, had a motive?

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Gem of a problem_Final (002)A GEM OF A PROBLEM – 1

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There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. But will what you find be what you are looking for?

Emma Berry is back at her family’s pastoral property, Wirramilla, recovering from the sinking of the paddle steamer Mary B in the Murray River, in which her husband Sam drowned. Major Barnaby of Honey Hills is demanding the return of a valuable package he claims Sam was carrying for him, and which was apparently lost in the accident. Emma’s brother-in-law, Daniel, co-owner with her of the Mary B, is blaming her for their misfortune. Emma needs to resolve Sam’s troubled legacy and refute the Major’s lies and threats. Her search for the package leads her up and down the river and across country, where not everyone she encounters is welcoming and some pay more attention than she finds comfortable, while Major Barnaby’s reaction to what she finds is nothing less than life threatening.

A Body in A woodpile_Final (002)A BODY IN THE WOODPILE – 2

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Do we ever really know anyone.

After delivering Emma’s brother Joe and his very pregnant wife Catherine to the Wentworth customs house in the paddle-steamer Mary B, Emma and Daniel are hurrying to reach Echuca before being stranded as the water in the Murray River falls to its seasonal unnavigable levels. They are delayed by finding a body at Zeller’s woodpile. Emma discovers she doesn’t know Hilda Zeller as well as she imagined. But how much do the Zeller boys know about the death, and more importantly, where is their father? To complicate matters, there is friction among the crew and a customs officer boards to search for smuggled goods. Things come to a head when the Mary B reaches Swan Hill and Emma finds herself walking the plank.


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While visiting Deelie and Brendan O’Neill at the Lockwood’s pastoral property, out of Wentworth, Emma becomes involved in the death of a family member when the Lockwood’s flour mill explodes.


9780648034834 - A USE FOR OLD UNDERWEAR cover-Irene SaumanA Use for Old Underwear – a humorous short story.
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Don’t get on the wrong side of your local council.

When Joan Miller returns home from a week away she is devastated to find that the new unit development next door has balconies looking into her pretty and previously private back yard. It’s all Mayor Jolley’s fault. She should never have opposed him over that speed hump. Will she have to move? But who would buy her home now? With the aid of next door neighbour Morris, helpful residents and the local newspaper, can she beat the system?


Commonplace Book coverA journal for fans of Emma Berry and Anthony Trollope.
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In the nineteenth century, ladies used a Commonplace Book to record things of interest they had read, poems, recipes, proverbs, prayers, and information on health, beauty and fashion: anything they may wish to refer to at a later time. The nineteenth century lady read Anthony Trollope for recreation and amusement. Quotes from his many works have been included for your enjoyment.

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