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Some freebies for you


An Emma Berry short story Death Ruins a Wedding

Emma, chaperoned by Nella Wirra, is invited to be an attendant to the bride at the wedding of school friend, Susie, in Adelaide. What will the attendants be required to wear? Before that becomes an issue, Aunt Alice is found dead. Was it murder, and if so, who was the real target? Emma sets herself to find out. One thing is for certain: no good deed goes unpunished.

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Saddled with Death is the novella prequel to the Emma Berry Murray River Mystery series.

Available FREE from your FAVOURITE ONLINE RETAILER or from BOOKFUNNEL in your preferred format.

As if a home with a terminally ill woman isn’t enough without adding murder to the mix.

Emma is helping her friends at neighbouring Nettifield when visitors arrive. Tension between family members is immediately apparent, but when a body is found in the stable some want to mark it an accident. Emma is charged by the dying woman with finding out what happened. Her questions raise ire and opposition, while everyone seems to have opportunity and motive. Are family more deadly than strangers?

Thoroughly enjoyable. A glimpse of Australia in bygone times. A lovely mystery thrown in to complete the story. The author pulls you right in and keeps you there! Amazon Kindle Customer, 2017

Available FREE from your FAVOURITE ONLINE RETAILER or from BOOKFUNNEL in your preferred format.

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