A Use for Old Underwear – short story

Don’t get on the wrong side of your local council.
When Joan Miller returns home from a week away she is devastated to find that the new unit development next door has balconies looking into her pretty and previously private back yard. It’s all Mayor Jolley’s fault. She should never have fought him over that speed hump.
A humourous short story.


The Nineteenth Century Lady’s Commonplace Book
A 90 page ruled journal

In the nineteenth century, ladies used a Commonplace Book to record things of interest they had read, poems, recipes, proverbs, prayers, and information on health, beauty and fashion: anything they may want to refer to at a later time. Now you can have a Commonplace Book to record your own odds and ends.
The nineteenth century lady also read Anthony Trollope for recreation and amusement. Quotes from his many works have been included for your enjoyment.
ISBN 978-0-9945031-0-7