Emma Berry Murray River Mysteries are cozy mysteries. I have been asked on occasion “What is a cozy mystery?” This genre is well known is the UK and US. How would I describe it? A mystery, with a sleuth (amateur, private detective or police), where the nasty stuff happens off stage. Think Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot, Midsummer Murders, Rosemary & Thyme. There is a build up of tension toward the end when the baddie is confronted and the sleuth may fear for her own safety. The setting and characters are as important as the mystery. You want to visit with them again and again. The characters have ongoing issues, and cozy mysteries invariably come in series.

BOOK 1 – A Gem of a Problem

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As if losing Sam wasn’t enough, now she must deal with what he has left behind.
Emma hadn’t known Sam was delivering (smuggling?) a package across the Murray River border between the colonies, but the package, containing something of great value, is missing after the sinking of the paddle steamer Mary B. She doesn’t believe the Major’s story of why. It makes no sense. But his threats are real enough.
If only Daniel wasn’t blaming her for everything. She will have to travel a lonely road in her efforts to locate the missing item before time runs out. Who is lying to her, who is telling the truth? Will what she finds be what she is looking for? And more importantly, will it be what the Major expects?

Well developed with strong characters, the reader is drawn in. I recommend it. Katy, Amazon

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BOOK 2– A body in the Woodpile

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What secrets are people keeping about the murdered woman’s life?
When the crew of the paddle-steamer Mary B find the body in the woodpile by the river, they also find the woman’s children abandoned at their shack. How much do they know about the death, and more importantly, where is their father? But the children are not the only ones giving Emma concern, as she battles with a fractious crew. Are they just tired of one another’s company, or is it something more?
Secrets begin to emerge as the Mary B journeys up river, collecting information, accidents, wool and passengers, including a rescued Jack Russell who earns his way. When the final secret is revealed Emma wonders how well you ever really know anyone.

Emma is an excellent character; strong willed and determined not to be over-ruled by the men in her life…I have no hesitation in recommending A Body in the Woodpile highly, and am really looking forward to book 3. Brenda Telford, Goodread

Available here at your FAVOURITE ONLINE RETAILER. Paperback available from BookDepository.


BOOK 3– Murder at the Mill  –  Final in the series, due mid 2018

She was there to visit friends, but the family had other plans for her.
A family run pastoral station should be a place of cooperation and harmony, but there is tension between the brothers, and intrigue among their wives. Mrs. Lockwood has her own reasons for making Emma welcome, reasons that make Emma uncomfortable.
Then the flour Mill explodes. All it took was one small spark, but is it an unlucky accident or sibling rivalry taken a step too far? Hampered by her own injury, Emma finds herself unwittingly drawn into the family’s drama while needing to step lightly to protect her friends. Daniel, as usual, has his own ideas

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